Our Wedding :: Mr. & Mrs. Chair Signs


As cheesy as this sounds, I was unbelievably stoked when I realized we had the perfect set up for “Mr.” and “Mrs.” chair signs. Most table layouts put the bride and groom’s backs to a wall which makes chair signs a little silly.

I have seen some really adorable signs. Wood cut-outs. Chalkboard signs. Even really beautiful floral displays. We opted to stick with the aesthetic of gold lettering but made a few slight mistakes along the way.Read More »

Our Wedding :: Quote Signs


I am a total sucker for quotes. You can bet that I have Pinterest boards upon Pinterest boards filled with motivational or sweet, sappy quotes saved for a rainy day. I definitely have a few hanging around the house. I even kept a journal growing up to hold all of my favorite quotes (before the age of Pinterest) that I still keep handy.

So when it came to planning our wedding, we knew we had to include a few quotes to help capture our delightful and weird love. We selected three quotes. One that we both loved and one each to represent the way we felt.

The one we both loved is pictured above.

We are all a little weird
and life’s a little weird
and when we find someone whose
weirdness is compatible with ours,
we join up with them
in mutual weirdness
and call it love.

Dr. Seuss

My husband and I both openly embrace our weirdness and find that our individual weirdness blends well together. We both enjoy the little things in life and celebrate the moments that make life fun. Whether it’s playing in bubbles at Disneyland or taking goofy photos to get on the video board at baseball games, we always strive for laughs and fun, even if others may think we’re weird.

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Our Wedding :: Escort Cards


Call them what you want… escort cards… seating cards…place cards. All the same, helping guests find their seats has become one of those most creative design choices at weddings today. Gone are the days of simple place cards and table maps. Today, we see everything from elaborate displays of photos to clever, theme-related tokens of the day. I have seen some really inspiring solutions both in person and online.

However, for our wedding, we went for a simple DIY solution that was personalized but didn’t break the bank on budget.Read More »

Our Wedding :: Bar Signs


In January, we got married in a venue that required us to provide everything, except tables and chairs. In booking our caterer, we had the option of having the company stock the bar or providing our own alcohol. Given the venue’s liquor license limited the type of beverages we could serve (wine and beer), we opted to stock our own beverages. Who wouldn’t want the leftover wine?!

Our guests were, for the most part, from out of town so we decided to play up the “We’re from California” aspect. We stocked the bar with wines from California and craft beers native to San Diego. A little local flavor to delight the crowds.

Self-stocking the bar and straying off the normal course of selection meant we needed to provide some guidance to our guests. Thus, we dreamed up these signs for the bar. In theory, they were awesome! In execution… oof.Read More »

Our Wedding :: Cards Vase


In planning our wedding, we wanted our details to be simple and classic. Lots of glass and candles. Very few flowers and white roses, at that. Clean, simple, classic.

I wanted the card “box” to fall in step with the aesthetic we were putting together. Buying or creating a box didn’t quite feel right. Nor did a birdcage or a lantern. In fact, it took us weeks of brainstorming to land on, what seems now to be, a very obvious selection.

Let’s just use a vase.

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Our San Diego Wedding


In early January 2017, my husband Hank and I tied the knot in a gorgeous Sunset Cliffs venue. We had a beautiful day, surrounded by our family and friends, good food and great music. The day was absolutely perfect. We had the day we always dreamed of thanks to the work of our amazing vendors (information below) and the collaboration of our friends and family.

Enhancing our day with a personal touch was really important to Hank and me, so we invested quite a bit of time and effort into hand-making all of the decor for our wedding. In the coming weeks, I will share our projects in the hopes of spreading some wedding bliss and inspiration.

However, today, fittingly on Valentine’s Day, I’m sharing our favorite photos of the day, including couples and wedding party shots. Stay tuned for all the fancy details.

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San Diego Engagement Photos

In July, we did our engagement shoot with the very talented Jeeheon Cho of True Photography Weddings in downtown San Diego. My fiance and I were super nervous about doing a photo shoot together. We aren’t big on PDA and are more playful than “sultry” or whatever it is the kids are doing in pictures these days. We’re all about having fun and enjoying each other’s company and we wanted the photos to reflect that.

Armed with balloons and naturally cheery dispositions, we bounced around the streets of the Gaslamp District. Our photographer made us feel completely at ease and we actually had a ton of fun. Below are a few select photos of our favorites.

San Diego Engagement Photo 11

San Diego Engagement Photo 08

And last but not least is the goofiest picture in the bunch. As we were doing the cliche “walking” photos, a rocking pedicab drove by. We couldn’t help but bust a move.

San Diego Engagement Photo 02

I can’t wait to marry this guy!

Will You Be Our Officiant Gift

Increasingly, brides and grooms are asking friends and family to perform their marriage ceremonies. In fact, I don’t think I’ve been to a wedding in the past five years where the officiant wasn’t somehow personally connected to the couple. My fiance and I are no exception.

Making the decision about our officiant was surprisingly easy. We have a close family friend who has not only been a wonderful positive influence in our lives but is an excellent role model to everyone around him. The decision was simple. All we needed to figure out was how to best ask him. Not so simple.

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