Questions to Ask in an Interview for Assistants

Okay, you made it. You’re at the end of the interview and you’re feeling pretty good. The vibe between you and your potential new executive is positive and you feel like you have a pretty solid knowledge about the company and the job duties. Then she asks…

“Do you have any questions for me?”

You choke for a minute. Your brain is spinning. Was there something we didn’t cover? What will sound clever? Ugh – a million questions, but what’s appropriate right now?

You take a deep breath and the only comment you can muster is a chipper, “Nope! Not at this time.”

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Using a Phone Contact as a Business Card

Every year, I attend an executive assistant conference. I have wonderful conversations with interesting women and men from all over the country and come away with an expanding network… and a stack of business cards.

Don’t get me wrong – I love business cards. They can be creative, interesting, and incredibly effective at creating a lasting connection.

However, there are some downsides. Inevitably, cards get lost or I run out of cards. I try to write a quick note about how I met someone on the card or a follow up note, but it’s bad etiquette to write on a business card and there’s rarely enough space. Then, what happens when I get home? I have a huge stack of business cards that I spend time converting to contacts using CamCard anyway.

After my last trip, I had a brilliant idea to make my life and others’ a tad easier.

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The Myth of Credit Scores

I had an epiphany in the car this morning courtesy of Dave Ramsey. On my daily commute, I listen to various podcasts. Some days it’s “Stuff You Missed in History Class” or “This American Life”, but today, I chose “The Dave Ramsey Show”.

See, I’ve been focusing on cleaning up my finances recently and I had heard many great things about Dave Ramsey. Everyone could use more financial help/direction and while I wouldn’t consider myself by any stretch of the imagination to be “struggling”, I can always learn more. I can always do better.

So, I set off on my drive and hit play on Episode #7998: “Brooke’s Parents Are in Financial Trouble.” (Notice: episode 7998… that’s insane.) After Dave coached Brooke through her situation and another caller through theirs, he came to a gentleman who was asking about paying off his car loan. During the call, he made a statement I’ve heard a lot and have even said myself.

Paying my car loan was good for my credit score.

This launched Dave Ramsey into a tizzy and I’ll explain to you why.

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#1 Productivity Tool : Schedule Your To-Do’s

Schedule Your To-Dos

As part of my morning routine, I cruise LinkedIn to find interesting articles about the workplace. This morning, I came across Forbes’s 15 Surprising Things Productive People Do Differently and one tip stuck out to me.

Secret #3: They don’t use to-do lists.

Throw away your to-do list; instead schedule everything on your calendar. It turns out only 41% of items on to-do lists are ever actually done. And all those undone items lead to stress and insomnia because of the Zeigarnik effect. Highly productive people put everything on their calendar and then work and live from that calendar. “Use a calendar and schedule your entire day into 15-minute blocks. It sounds like a pain, but this will set you up in the 95th percentile…”, advises the co-founder of The Art of Charm, Jordan Harbinger.

Now, I don’t subscribe to this entirely. I still use a physical to-do list because writing down my tasks helps commit them to memory and prioritize what needs to be done. However, I do schedule my to-do’s and let me tell you, it’s a game changer.

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How to Roll Your Sleeves

Recently, I switched “real person” jobs from a semi-professional dress environment to a jeans environment.  While this may seem like every person’s dream, it has posed a slight issue for the financially challenged.  How do I dress down my professional pieces for my new workplace without having to buy a ton of clothing?  Sure, I could show up in my fancy skirts and blouses but 1) Who really wants to hear “Why are you all dressed up today” and 2) Come on, it’s a JEANS environment… which. is. awwwwwesoooooome!

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