Our Wedding :: Menus


Ah – the wedding dinner menu. Some people have them, some people skip them. Those who have them either print cards for the place settings or have a board up with the food options written out. The option brides and grooms chose depends heavily on how their food is being served. For our wedding, we served food family-style (large platters of food served to each table) so we decided a family-style menu would work just fine!

I found this menu design in Cricut Design Studio and instantly fell in love. Due to the multiple pieces for each finished product, we decided that one or two menus per table were sufficient.

These menus took a number of steps to put together, but thankfully, my Cricut machine made it super easy! We added the touch of some glittery Washi tape to jazz it up a little.



Aren’t they cute? We loved them! Plus I got to do something really crafty for the wedding! My hands were covered in spray-on Elmer’s glue but it was worth it! The punch of color was a nice add to the tablescape as well.

These were so fun to put together that I can’t wait until my next dinner party so I can make super complicated menus!


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