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Man – I love a good wedding program. I know most people today think they are old fashioned, overlooked by the guests and wasted budget funds, but I have to say, if you’re skipping them, I think you’re missing a truly golden opportunity!

Wedding programs have traditionally been used to give the agenda for the ceremony. This is particularly useful to guests attending faith-based ceremonies, who may not know the ins and outs of specific traditions. However, as ceremonies begin to morph into more complex or non-traditional formats, the programs help set expectations with your guests about what’s coming their way.

If you think providing an agenda is outdated or not necessary (ahem 10 minute ceremony), I recommend going the route we did and using your program as a means to introduce your wedding party and add another touch of personality.


We bought our programs (and invitations and thank you cards) as a set made by Gartner Studios from Michaels. I was going for the Path of Least Frustration. Design, print, done!

On the outside, we put the usual info – names, location, date. The inside cover contained the names of everyone in our wedding party, including officiant, parents, and bridal party. It was really important to us that these people who play such an important role in our lives had names to the faces.

On the inside back cover is where we showed our personalities. My husband and I were torn between two songs for our first dance and when the decision was made, thought this was a great opportunity to showcase the lyrics from the one we didn’t select.  Therefore, the inside back cover had the following lyrics from “Oceans” by Misterwives.

So can we stay forever like this
And laugh and love in this happy bliss
And as time runs through our fingers
This love will stay and linger
So  hold me close and never, never let go
And promise to love it every high and low
These words you are singing to me
You are my everything

This song has always spoken to us and we knew it still had to be a part of our wedding day. Without having to throw in an extra song during the ceremony or reception, we were able to showcase the song in our programs.

To further personalize our printable programs, we hole punched the corners and looped through teal and navy ribbon for easy hanging on the seats.

How do you feel about wedding programs? What are some ideas you like?

And for your listening pleasure… “Oceans” by Misterwives.

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