Welcome Foolish Mortals Halloween Wreath


I have been dreaming of this project for years! I am so thrilled it is finally finished and I can share it with all of you!

Inspired by Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion ride, I wanted to do a Halloween wreath that was both creepy and fun. 

I got all of my supplies at Michaels – so this is the perfect one-stop craft project.

Square Wire Wreath Form
Two Black Feather Boas
Black Floral Accents
Black Raven
Hot Glue Gun and Glue
Wire Cutters
Paper and Durable String
Optional: Stickers

welcome-foolish-mortals-06All of my spooky supplies laid out together. So fun!

welcome-foolish-mortals-11To start, glue the tail end of one feather boa to the wreath frame. I used a lot of glue to ensure it was secure.

welcome-foolish-mortals-10Wrap the feather boa around the frame. One boa will make it around half of the frame.

Secure the tail end of the feather boa to the other side of the frame and even out the wrapping. I did not secure the boa with glue between the two endpoints to allow for moving the feathers around as needed for the floral pieces later in the project. However, this is your project. Do you!

Start the second boa near the first boa’s endpoint. Wrap around the wreath until the ends meet and secure the last end. Even out the wrapped feathers.

Soooo spoooooky already!

Now it’s time to start inserting the floral items. Use wire cutters to break up floral bunches into singular or more manageable pieces. I decided to frame my right-hand vertical side and bottom edge with branches to give it a tree appearance. I then filled in with leaves and creepy spiral thingys (I really don’t know what they are called). Secure with hot glue but watch those fingers and be patient! The hot glue will cause some elements to melt a little, so spend a little more time safely holding items into place.

I secured my raven with a lot of hot glue. Look how creepily this is coming together!

Time to create and secure the “Welcome Foolish Mortals” banner. I used my Cricut to cut out little pennants and secure to string. Stickers and paper would also look very cool.

welcome-foolish-mortals-02Hang and marvel at how the spooky Halloween creations flutters in the wind.


Happy Haunting!


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