Book Review :: The Boleyn Inheritance by Philippa Gregory

The third book in Gregory’s Tudor Series The Boleyn Inheritance perfectly handles the less-than-thrilling end to Henry VIII’s reign.  Gregory skips over Queen Jane’s short rule – who wants to hear about a happy kind and queen anyway? – and dives right into the arrangement with Anne of Cleaves.  The cadence of the story is very quick, bouncing between three women’s perspectives – Anne of Cleaves, Kathryn Howard and Jane Boleyn (George Boleyn’s widow) – as the storyline progresses.

Gregory takes more historical liberties with this novel, as not many intimate details are known about his last marriages.  The true worth of the read is experiencing Gregory writing in three very distinct voices.  I very rarely needed to reference who I was reading under (written on the first page of each chapter) because each person had a specific speech pattern and concerns.  Kudos to Gregory for that!

Otherwise, the book was “okay”.  Entertaining, at best.


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