Oh, Halloween Tree

Oh, Halloween Tree
Oh, Halloween Tree
Ray Bradbury
Would be so proud!

By pure happenstance, a Halloween tree has found its way into my apartment. I ordered a fake tree on Amazon. Being pre-lit and surprisingly inexpensive, I wanted to test it out – put it together, plug it in, fluff it out. You know, get a really good feel for whether or not this new addition would work for us.

So that’s what I did. I set the tree up, put it on the table where it would live during the holidays, and it just sort of… stayed there. It looked so cute and festive. I couldn’t resist! I already had the Halloween garland and spare pumpkins sitting around. I mean, come on. How could I not?!

I have no shame and no regrets. Actually, I do – I take that back. I regret that I put the Halloween decorations bins back in storage already and therefore, I can’t incorporate leftover materials from my Welcome Foolish Mortals Wreath into the tree. Ha! Next year… this is definitely making a come back next year.

Do you have a Halloween tree? Or a Thanksgiving tree? Or a year-round tree?


Favorite Halloween Projects

It’s that time of year again! The pumpkins are popping up in the groceries stores. Kids are arguing with their parents about costumes. Neighbors are stretching cobwebs all over their yards. And I’m dreaming of what design I want to carve into a beautiful jack-o-lantern.

Today, I was flipping through my old Halloween projects. Oh my goodness – so many good ones! Some of these are still my favorites to unpack and marvel at from year to year. So… we’re going to take a walk down memory lane, dig into the archives, and hopefully get some spooky inspiration!

“Boo” No Carve Pumpkin Using Paint Pen and Rhinestones

Free Printable Halloween Banners

Halloween Cookbook

13 Days of Halloween Countdown

and of course…
Build Your Own Pumpkin Carving Tool Kit

I’m so excited to add more projects to the list this year. Have you seen my creepy “Welcome, Foolish Mortals” wreath?! Definitely keeping this one for years!

Stay tuned for more spoooooky fun.

San Diego Engagement Photos

In July, we did our engagement shoot with the very talented Jeeheon Cho of True Photography Weddings in downtown San Diego. My fiance and I were super nervous about doing a photo shoot together. We aren’t big on PDA and are more playful than “sultry” or whatever it is the kids are doing in pictures these days. We’re all about having fun and enjoying each other’s company and we wanted the photos to reflect that.

Armed with balloons and naturally cheery dispositions, we bounced around the streets of the Gaslamp District. Our photographer made us feel completely at ease and we actually had a ton of fun. Below are a few select photos of our favorites.

San Diego Engagement Photo 11

San Diego Engagement Photo 08

And last but not least is the goofiest picture in the bunch. As we were doing the cliche “walking” photos, a rocking pedicab drove by. We couldn’t help but bust a move.

San Diego Engagement Photo 02

I can’t wait to marry this guy!

The Rory Gilmore Reading List Challenge


Rory Gilmore is the most well-read person I know. I came out of high school thinking I was a total bookworm and then I met Rory Gilmore and was demoted to book-ish. The number of references made to books in the show Gilmore Girls was way over my head. Granted, yes, I get most of the references because I’m connected to literary pop culture. However, I’ve always really wanted to dive into this world of references.

I’ve decided now is the time to leap in. Buzzfeed has an article listing the 339 books that have been referenced in the Gilmore Girls series. I’ve added the list here and will be ticking off the books as I make my way through them.

To be fair, I haven’t marked off books that I have only seen the movie version of or have only read excerpts. For example, I’ve never read The Canterbury Tales in its entirety. So despite having read a chapter and portrayed it for English in high school, it doesn’t count. Also, I did not mark off books where I don’t remember the major plot points or main characters. That just means that I sped through it and didn’t really absorb myself in that world.

There’s no timeline for this list. Though within the next 5 years would be awesome. Maybe I’ll shoot for that!

2021 – 304 books to go.

Wish me luck!


Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving

In May, I celebrated my 30th birthday. While most members of my generation have adopted the “Dirty Thirty”, I wanted to do something more fitting of my personality (and save myself from regrets). Anyone who has ever taken a glance at my Instagram (@anthropojenic) knows that I love Disneyland. Being an annual pass holder, I try to go at least once a month, but for my birthday, I wanted to go big.

What does that mean?

Well, being that we go so often, we don’t do a lot of the “touristy” things. We hardly ever buy souvenirs. We don’t eat at the expensive park restaurants. We don’t see the shows. So for this trip, I wanted to do it all. And thanks to a little careful planning by my then boyfriend (now fiance) Hank, I had the most magical 30th birthday.

Check out the highlights.
Click on the photo to see a larger version.


First item of business, buying ears and a Disneyland t-shirt to start the day. True story – I’ve never owed a Disneyland t-shirt. Thus, I decided it was time to buy one. Of course, Hank had to get ears too and the BB8 ears were way too cool to pass up. Read More »

Will You Be Our Officiant Gift 05

Will You Be Our Officiant Gift

Increasingly, brides and grooms are asking friends and family to perform their marriage ceremonies. In fact, I don’t think I’ve been to a wedding in the past five years where the officiant wasn’t somehow personally connected to the couple. My fiance and I are no exception.

Making the decision about our officiant was surprisingly easy. We have a close family friend who has not only been a wonderful positive influence in our lives but is an excellent role model to everyone around him. The decision was simple. All we needed to figure out was how to best ask him. Not so simple.

Read More »

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gift

Will You Be My Bridesmaid / Groomsman Gifts

When the future husband and I got engaged, we didn’t have a solid vision about our wedding. We knew it would be in San Diego, but details beyond that had never really be discussed. What we did know for certain was who would be in our bridal party.

With our list in hand, we set off to create “Ask Gifts” that could be mailed. One would make its way to Kansas. Another to Hawaii. Three to Arizona and one stayed in-state to California. Unfortunately, this ruled out really fun things like beers and mini champagne bottles… but we made it work.

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Washi Tape Craft Storage Labels

My craft storage has been driving me crazy lately. I have lots of little plastic bins and whenever I go looking for something, forgetting where it’s stored can turn into a ten minute scavenger hunt.

Being a woman of action, I decided to do something about it without adding too much overhead.

Solution: Washi tape meet label maker.

(Yes, I already own a label maker.)

The best part of this labeling is it hides the clutter chaos of the bins. Scratch that, the best part is that I got to pick washi tape that matches my home decor.

Simple upgrade but a very useful one.

Do Better


I was raised with a boy named Jacob. We were raised as siblings. We played together. We took baths together. We had slumber parties. We teased and tormented each other. With the one exclusion of blood relation, he and I are siblings. Jacob is the son of my godparents and when people ask me how we know each other, I quickly say he’s my brother and that’s usually met with confused looks.

You see, Jacob and I are fundamentally different in one very specific way. Our skin.

Growing up, I didn’t know we were different, but I knew we were not the same. His skin was darker, his hair more coarse than mine or my real brother’s. But in my world, he wasn’t “different”. I didn’t know he was “different” until the world told me that I should see him as “different”.

Somewhere along the line, probably in school, most likely on the playground, I learned that there are people who treat people who look like Jacob differently than they treat people who look like me. They think about skin tone differently. They actually see that person differently. I was raised without this filtered perspective on the world and I struggled to understand it. To this day, I struggle to understand racism.

There’s something else you should know about my brother Jacob and me. We were both raised by female police officers. This is important for two reasons.

One, we were taught that women can be and do anything. Women are no less capable than men. Period.

Two, we were raised to respect officers, not only because we lived with them, but we were forced to understand what it takes to earn and wear the badge. We are children of law enforcement. We know what it’s like to see stories in the news involving officers and feel our stomachs and hearts tighten just at the mere idea that it could be our moms. We know the overwhelming relief felt when we hear the front door close, their heavy belts hit the kitchen counter, and the glorious sound of them pulling at the velcro on their bulletproof vests. We were exposed to their work life and understand, more than anyone, not all officers are good. However, we were also raised to always have faith that the world will get better. That the good guys, whoever they may be, will win.

Today, we’re facing a world riddled with stories about police brutality and race. Violence is being answered with violence. Both sides are ardently and passionately defending the right to be heard. We need to have a conversation about this. It’s a hard, uncomfortable, and awkward conversation. Mainly because… no one knows what to do. No one has the answer.

How do we stop this from happening? How do we make the cycle stop?

I don’t have a solution that will fix what’s happening in the US right now, but I do have hope for the future. Because the future is what we can control.

We have to do better. Raise your children like our parents raised us. Be blind to differences and focus on our similarities. Teach love, respect, and faith in a better world. Do not pass along generalizations and stereotypes to young people. Reach out to others and help them. Practice empathy and compassion every day.

Your every day actions matter. Small behaviors can lead to big changes. Don’t let the violence and anger steer you astray. I could spit out every cliché in the world here, but you get the idea. Do better.

Please. Do better.